How to convert African Scammers

Goldstein Nicolas
2 min readAug 31, 2018


African scammers happen to have numerous techniques to fraud internet users. However, this know-how could be converted the right way by bridging skills gap and giving them a remote job ?

Scam artists are those people who tend to send you written emails pretending to be in need of money or to have a large amount of money to share for you are the winner of a lucky draw intended by some global foundation. Multiple scenarii have been designed, and unfortunately many people tend to fall into the trap. Even though it works, it also means that African email scammers could use their talent to make money in a more appropriate way.
They have learnt by themselves how to use Mass Mailing and digital marketing

Many African web entrepreneurs are very active in their country. The reason behind it is a fast growing need of talents available to work online, be it part time or full time, especially for European companies. As at now, digitalization has created a certain amount of new jobs that require two major elements: a computer and an internet connexion (and, of course, great communication skills, especially in French and/or English, which are very common in Africa).
Africa is the perfect continent to push people to work on Internet and remotly !

Indeed, many European and American companies need competent people to work on the following tasks: blog content writing, web design, data entry, web development, web digital among others. The job offers are posted online, on major international and local platforms such as Upwork, Freelancer, and now Talenteum is sourcing and matching African Talents remotly to Europe and USA.

But the trend is going further. The above-mentioned websites for freelancers have always been useful for short term and casual missions. Today, companies are looking for long term partners to grow up with. This means more work, sometimes on a full time position even though the manager and the professional are separated by the sea.

This hybrid concept has led to the creation of new platforms and structures. Today, creative talents based in Africa want their continent to be seen as a skillful pool. Thus, it was high time to create an online place where both service providers and company directors would feed safe while working together.

As Talenteum knows it is possible to work remotly with African talents, we have been taking freelancing and outsourcing up to another level. The Mauritius-based company has created a platform to assist in establishing a contact between African Talents and worldwide businesses.
This project two years ago is now a profitable company with Talents from Nigeria, Cameroun, Mauritius, Benin, and Madagascar.



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