Remote Work: Hiring in Africa, a way to widen your talent pool

Goldstein Nicolas
3 min readOct 3, 2018
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Currently, the emergence of new technologies has contributed to the rise of remote job which has as a result became globalized , this phenomenon seems to be trending in several countries, sometimes in the least expected ones like in Africa and Middle East countries, where many companies have teleworking and coworking spaces or simply teleworkers abroad.

Technological progress made it possible for workers around the world to work from home and to ensure that their work is done timely and efficiently. It involves advantages that go beyond cost cutting, improved productivity and employee satisfaction. This means that telecommuting worldwide is not only beneficial for teleworkers, but also beneficial for employers;

Recruiting abroad and teleworking with people around the world?

The concept of having cultural diversity in a team of qualified employees around the world is being implemented by some early adopters. The emergence of new technologies and the utilisation of collaborative tools are key factors in success and growth in this sector.

If your local team does not fit the company in various ways, you may not want to miss the opportunity to recruit outstanding employees and break into new growing markets abroad. There is no doubt that diversity is worthy for any kind business. Whether foreign teleworkers are present in your company temporarily or permanently, they have an important contribution. Having employees with diverse backgrounds can help develop creativity and innovation.

Substantial cost cutting

Have you realized how expensive renting an office can be? The lease, the electricity, equipment, all this happens to be a very significant ongoing cost. Telework allows companies to considerably reduce their expenses. In addition, many companies prefer to outsource their operations to developing countries where the cost of production and human resources is low. This helps reducing general costs which can be invested in R&D or other areas.

Increased productivity

As a fact, we all know that to improve productivity, employees need to work more competitively. A teleworker working from home or in a co-working space nearby to his residence can considerably increase his productivity. Avoiding travel and providing flexibility in working hours is an asset.

Being a 24/7 company

The advantage in having a team of global teleworkers is that you can run your business 24 hours a day with teams in different countries and different time zones. This helps enhancing your strategies and responsiveness to your clients. This flexibility and constant presence on the market would probably not be the case if you would have recruited only locally.

Gateway on Africa

The concept of making people work remotely from Africa is an apportunity for companies that recruit in an increasingly young population within which some are real gems in many sectors.

For instance, my company Talenteum, found his expert in Artificial Intelligence in Nigeria, or a Human Resources Manager specialized in the French market in Benin, these two people are working remotely for French clients and their probation periods are already achieved.

Prospect of expansion

With physical offices around the world, expanding your team will often requires moving into a larger, much more costly office space. However, with a team of teleworkers, you can grow your business without having to worry about any further area you would need. There is no need to worry about electricity, heating or air-conditioning costs.

Besides, Teleworking does not require the establishing of a company in countries where it employs its teleworkers. It is therefore barely needed to adapt to immigration laws or getting work permits in countries where it would normally be very difficult to recruit or work.

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